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Ecotrade provides the design, engineering, detailed execution plans and drawings, equipment fabrication and aggregation, supply then supervises installation, and arranges finance for various types of plants.

Areas of experience


 •Animal feed mills


 •Soap production plants


 •Cocoa and chocolate plants


 •Biscuit and industrial cakes plants


 •Sanitizer gel technology and  production lines


 •Ethanol rectification plants


 •Fuel ethanol production


 •High quality starches and sorbitol


 •Metal fabrication workshops and tooling


 •Ethanol fermentation and distillation production plant

Through the years our clients continue to benefit from our support in staffing, raw material supply and routes to export markets with excellent access to physical raw materials, commodities and logistics backed by access to competitive finance.

•Waste treatment plants & bio-energy recovery


•Liquid storage tank farm design & equipment


• Packaging and filling equipment


•Specialized logistical equipment


•Steam & electrical power production, co-generation & distribution plants using traditional fuels, biogas & biomass


•Carbon dioxide production plants



•Oilseeds pressing & solvent extraction for all types of seeds


•Vegetable oil physical & chemical refinery and fractionation


•Grain storage and handling installations


•Effluent treatment plants, aerobic and anaerobic including biogas production


•Sesame seed processing plants



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